Personal Service is Our Hallmark

Service and personal attention are our hallmarks – defining qualities which set us apart from other firms. Starting at our first meeting, we’ll begin building our long-term relationship as we identify your needs, risk tolerance and objectives. As your fiscal management support team, we are dedicated to delivering advice in a manner that is confidential, consistent with your needs, and designed to give you confidence about your financial future, through all of life’s seasons. 

Let us help you with: 

Estate Planning

Without proper planning and guidance, your estate may be subject to three devastating events which would significantly reduce the value to your heirs... or worse, impose undue hardship on them: Probate • Taxes • Sickness

Legal seminars usually push trusts, and insurance seminars always push long term care insurance, but it’s confusing and each family’s situation requires unique solutions, not a “one size fits all” approach.

Let us help you analyze your needs:

❍ Asset Protection & Succession Planning

❍ Trust Services*

❍ Legacy Planning

❍ Provide Access to Legal and Tax Advice*


Retirement Planning

Most everyone is familiar with the need for accumulating money to support you during your retirement years... but the withdrawal of that money can be critically important to how long it sustains you. You need to have a long-range plan in place!

We Provide:

❍ Portfolio Design & Investment Analysis

❍ Fee-Based Management

❍ Tax Planning*

❍ Income Distribution Planning



Protecting your assets from the unexpected is an important part of your overall plan.

❍ Insurance Analysis

❍ Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

❍ Disability Insurance

❍ Medicare Supplement / Advantage Plans


*Services provided in conjunction with a legal or tax professional.